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Vivere, Ridere, Amore!


Having grown up in an Italian family with my nonna and grande-nonna speaking Italian, I felt right at home from the minute I got off the plane. Everything about Italy made sense to me.

This body of work is a part of my journey across the country in 2011. I chose to paint Italy in a colorful way, because that is how I see the culture. I wanted to bring their laughter and joy to life. For me, it is not about the stunning, ancient buildings such as the chilling Coliseum and the awe-inspiring dome in the Pantheon, it is about the people who are so close to my heart. Each of these paintings is a small slice of my daily life in Italy.

Most of my work in this series is small. I went out each morning to capture the places, colors, and of course, the warmth of the people doing what they do. I worked as quickly and honestly as the people themselves, trying to get it all done within the time the Italian sunlight would allow.

Through this series, I hope to share my stories about the people I met in a country I love. Italians are not afraid of hard work; they strive for quality in everything they do because that is where their self-pride is born. Their approach to life is to always see the brighter side of life rather than focusing on the dark: vivere, ridere, amore! (Live, laugh, love!)