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Posted 7/21/2016

I am finally done with my website! I am so happy to have it up and ready to go - and it is so easy to update! Most of my paintings need another layer of paint - I have so many of them that are just sitting here undone due to my hectic school schedule. I am looking forward to finishing and posting them all! 

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The New Website

Posted 7/8/2016

Almost done! I hope to get everything up and running before the end of this semester! Right now, I am waiting for softboxes so that I can take better pictures of my work. They should be in tomorrow - can't wait!

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Finally - Graduation coming up in December 2016

Posted 6/29/2016

I think I am still in shock. I can't believe that I will be graduating, thanks to some very special people! I am so grateful to all of those friends that actually have a heart - it seems there are so few of us left these days. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

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Long Time Coming....

Posted 1/26/2015

Surprising, but true - sometimes I get so involved with the present that I completely forget about prioritizing, and this is a perfect example. I have been trying to get my website up and running for years.... As an X-web designer - that is a sad, sad But here it is...yay! Finally - I am getting it done!

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